Rauner & Associates,  Phone No. 308-254-1040

Dana Cole & Company, Phone No. 308-284-3777


Joel Jay, Phone No. 874-9934

Automotive Services/Supplies

Premier Auto Parts, Phone No. 874-2258


Adams Bank & Trust (Troy Bayne) - send e-mail , Phone No. 874-2800

Points West Community Bank (Corinne Fischer & Lyndsay Reichman), Phone No. 874-2215


Appearance, Phone No. 874-6293

Emma Armstrong, Phone No. 874-6293


Chappell Feedlot (Cindy Williams), Phone No. 874-2297

Child Care/Preschool

Chappell Child Care Center, Phone No. 874-3494

Creek Valley Preschool, Phone No. 874-2911


Ministerial Association (David Abbott), Phone No. 874-2931

City/County/Government Offices

City Clerk (Ashley Jepsen), Phone No. 874-2401

Deuel County Treasurer (Bernie Littlejohn), Phone No. 874-3307

Deuel County Clerk (Polly Olson), Phone No. 874-3308

Deuel County Tourism (Konni Sauder), Phone No. 889-3271

Deuel County Assessor (Jean Timm), Phone No. 874-2608

Deuel County Commissioners (Clerk's Office), Phone No. 874-3308

Deuel County Sheriff, Phone No. 874-3305

Deuel County Extension Office (Sarah Paisley), Phone No. 874-6255

Chappell Community Development Director (Britt Miller), Phone No. 874-2568

Postal Service, Phone No. 874-3321

Convenience Stores/Fuel/Tires

Bosselman's Pump & Pantry, Phone No. 874-3200

Frenchman Valley Coop, Phone No. 874-2245

Hansen's Petroleum, Phone No. 874-2733

Dentists/Medical Clinic

Chappell Dental Clinic, Phone No. 874-2910

CAMS Medical Clinic, Phone No. 874-2255

Grocery Stores

Chappell Super Foods, Phone No. 874-2701

Home Furnishings/Decorations

Cabela's Furniture, Phone No. 874-2248

Neti's Treasurers, Phone No. 308-890-0424

Western Drug, Phone No. 874-2912


Farm Bureau (Steve Fischer), Phone No. 874-2404

Prince Empson/Fornander Insurance (Dale Fornander), Phone No. 874-2201

Ray Agency (Federal Crop), Phone No. 874-2708

Jeppson Insurance Group, Phone No. 874-2535


Lumber/House Supplies/Carpenters

S. A. Foster Lumber Company (Ben Fowler), Phone No. 874-3304


Holechek Funeral Home, Phone No. 308-772-3663

Music, Instruments, Lessons

Newspapers/Post Office

Peggy Cook (Postmaster), Phone No. 874-3321

Chappell Register (Mike Talbott), Phone No. 874-2207

Nursing/Health Care

Miller Memorial Care Center, Phone No. 874-2292


Personal Products

Adopt-A-Dog Animal Rescue, Phone No. 874-2558

Monica Kayton (Publishing & Crafts), Phone No. 874-2978

Pest Control


Western Drug, Phone No. 874-2912



L & L Service (Larry Rutt), Phone No. 874-2982

Real Estate


Toot's, Phone No. 874-2488


Western Nebraska Community College, Phone No. 308-254-7401

Creek Valley Public Schools, Phone No. 874-3301 (Public School)


SourceGas, Phone No. 800-563-0012

Wheat Belt, Phone No. 308-254-5871

Other Businesses

Livengood Backhoe (Terry Livengood) (Backhoe Services), Phone No. 874-2478

Mick, Ann (jellies & jams), Phone No. 874-2974

Miller Office Products, Phone No. 308-254-5696

Milton Rogers Farms

KD Livestock (Ken Fornander)

Kalb Farms (Manure spreading), Phone No. 874-2295

Monica Kayton (publishing), Phone No. 874-2978

Panhandle Public Health District, Phone No. 308-487-3600

Deann Speirs (Girl Scouts), Phone No. 874-4226

Ron Jacobs (Lions Club), Phone No. 874-4364

Heritage House, Phone No. 874-2402

Chappell Rotary Club, Phone No. 874-2929

Flohr Wheat Seed, Phone No. 308-874-2840

Garden Club, Phone No. 874-2970

Chappell Car Club

SCIP (Sandhills Crisis Intervention Program), Phone No. 308-284-8477



Adams Bank & Trust

Adopt-A-Dog Animal Rescue

Appearance (Cori Koehler)

Armstrong, Emma (Appearance)

Buckley, Thomas D. Trust

Cabela's Furniture

CAMS Clinic

Chappell Car Club

Chappell Child Care Center

Chappell Community Development Director (Britt Miller)

Chappell Dental Clinic

Chappell Feedlot (Tom & Cindy Williams)  send e-mail

Chappell Lions Club

Chappell Register (Mike Talbott)

Chappell Rotary Club

Chappell Super Foods (Leonard Littlejohn)

City of Chappell (Ashlea Jepsen)

Cook, Peggy (Postal Service)

Creek Valley Preschool

Creek Valley Schools

Dana Cole & Company

Deuel County Extension

Deuel County, Nebraska

Deuel County Tourism

Deuel County Visitors Committee

Farm Bureau Financial Services (Steve Fischer)  send e-mail

Fornander, Ken (KD Livestock)

Foster Lumber Company (Ben Fowler)

Freeman, Gary & Linda

Frenchman Valley Cooperative

Garden Club

Hansen's Petroleum (Larry & Susan Hansen)

Holechek Funeral Home (Jim Holechek)  send e-mail

Jay Law Office  send e-mail

Jeppson Insurance Group

Kalb, Dave, Mary & Matt

Kayton, Monica & Kent

L & L Service (Larry & LaDene Rutt)

Livengood Backhoe (Terry Livengood)

Miller Memorial Care Center

Miller Office Products

Ministerial Alliance  send e-mail

Neti's Treasures

Panhandle Public Health District

Paulsen, Wes & Pat

Phillips, Ed & Betty

Points West Community Bank (Corinne Fischer or Lyndsay McClung)

Postal Service (Peg Cook)

Premier Auto Parts

Prince Empson Insurance/Fornander, Inc. (Dale Fornander)  send e-mail

Pump & Pantry (Bosselman) 

Rauner & Associates (Rachel Smith)

Ray Agency (Federal Crop) (Chris Ray)  send e-mail

Reichman, Jen (Postal Service)

Rogers, Milt & Anita

Sandhills Crisis Intervention Program (SCIP)

Sauder, Konni (Tourism Committee)

Sidney Regional Medical Center

Smith, Virginia Charitable Trust

Source Gas 

Speirs, Tim & Deann

Toot's Bar & Grill

VanWinkle, Julie

Veterans Groups

Western Drug (Michelle Schmid)

Western Nebraska Community College

Wheat Belt  send e-mail


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